Seriously injured victims need two things:  effective legal representation and access to quality healthcare. The healthcare system is chaotic and many people either have no health insurance, or they have deductibles and co-pays that are so high they cannot afford them.  Casualty insurers routinely deny, delay and frustrate the efforts of the injured to access medical care, so they turn to legal counsel for help and advice.

We work with attorneys and law firms to provide the specialized medical care that your clients need to recover their health and get back to their regular activities of daily life.  Our team has years of experience in both the legal and medical professions.  We understand the difficulties your clients face, and we are here to assist with the medical care and financial solutions they need.

We offer access to medical care with no out-of-pocket costs to your clients.  Our charges are reasonable, usual and customary, and we will wait for payment until their injury claim settles.

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